PCSS air
Particle counter with 2 channels for monitoring air cleanliness

The PCSS is designed as two-channel particle counter and is used for the monitoring of two size classes. A mini control (SPS) allows controlling of measurements and reading of status information. The measuring result (number particles per channel) can be transmitted to a SPS, a central computer or an electronic logger for further processing.

Since the PCSS can only make time-driven measurements, it is important that there is a controlled flow through the sensor. The PCSS air has a 28.3 l/min. built-in pump. The parameters for flush, measuring and interval time can be set individually for a measurement cycle. During the interval phase the laser of the sensor is switched off in order to boost service life. Each analogue output of the two channels can be allocated a target value and/or maximum value (particle number) (e.g. 20 mA = 2000 particles). The measured number of particles per channel is proportional to current (4-20 mA).

For permanent monitoring of the sensor its laser current and the function of the electronics is evaluated by the on-board diagnosis and in the event of fault the current signals of both channels are set to “zero” > O mA.

Areas of Application:
Online monitoring of isolators and laminar flows for the manufacturing of active agents.

Recommended loggers:
Jumo Logscreen es Jokogawa DAQSTATION

Technical Details:
  • Method: light scattering 90°
  • Particle size channel: sizes freely selectable 0.5-5 μm max. 2 channels
  • Volume flow: 28.3 l/min. monitored
  • Data contents: measuring status, alarm message, particle number
  • Value readout: current 4-20 mA, threshold overstepping optional
  • Value memory: none
  • Supply unit: 230 V/AC power supply / 24 V/DC
  • Dimensions (h x w x d): 150 x 270 x 220 mm
  • Weight / material: 5 kg stainless steel
PCSS air


Option: Wall holder for PCSS air
Nozzles: C, %rF, m/s pressure differential 
Network box for humidity and temperature sensors 
Option: Wall holder for PCSS air Nozzles: C°, %rF, m/s pressure differential Network box for humidity and temperature sensors

Stand for nozzle
Wall holder for nozzle 
Stand for nozzle Wall holder for nozzle