Particle measuring systems
for air and gases

Clean room technology cannot manage without particle measurement technology for monitoring facilities. On the one hand a multitude of contamination sensitive technologies in the electronics industry, in the pharmaceutical industry, in the medical sector, in research and development as well as to an increasing extent in areas of the manufacturing industry have to meet the stringent requirements of manufacturing under clean conditions.

On the other hand security aspects in pharmaceuticals and medicine are of great importance, e.g. the manufacturing and handling of Cytostatica.

For all these areas of application measurements with air particle counters are an essential part of the quality assurance measures for testing the sound condition of filters. Mandatory directives for the inspection of clean areas include: VDI 2083, US Federal Standard 209 E, DIN EN ISO 14644, DIN 1946, DIN 12950 / 12980 as well as the FDA and GMP guidelines.